Glatt Tower Renovation


After 40 years a new face for the Landmark Building. The revolutionary building envelope with switchable glass is a step into the future.

The Glatt Tower, the landmark of Zurich's Agglo, is being refreshed

The Glatt Tower, a hotspot of Zurich's metropolitan development and landmark building of high profile, is sarneted. The 40-year-old tower of the Glattzentrum in Wallisellen is now getting a new face.

"It will be a modern and ecological building"

In a first-class traffic location, on 12 floors, ready-to-build and cooled rooms are concentrated on over 10,000m2 with convenience shopping and various offices, services such as banks and post office, over 30 medical specialists, and over 100 shops and 13 restaurants.

More glass, more eco thanks to dynamically switchable facade

The shape of the office tower is retained, the tower is merely "skeletonized". The facade is renewed, the windows are pulled to the ground. In addition, the insulation and room layout are renewed.

The triple insulated high-tech metal-glass façade will convince you. The innovative construction makes blinds superfluous, as the electrochromic glass automatically adapts to all weather and light incidence, heat and glare remain outside. This limits the need for artificial light and makes it easier to control room temperature.

Revolutionary building envelope, a step into the future.

This high-quality solution convinces investors and the people working in it:

  • Reduction of energy demand by up to 25
  • Lower HVAC investments
  • Higher occupancy and retention rates
  • LEED and BREEAM environmental certification
  • No darkening and roller blinds in the rooms, no blinds on the outside facade
  • daylight and a clear view outdoors without glare
  • Increased productivity and quality of life

Performance Krapf AG:

Krapf AG can identify itself with the processing and application of SageGlass with several implemented objects in Switzerland. This still young technology requires specific know-how and experience.

  • Project Management Facade
  • dismantling of the existing building shell
  • Production and installation of the new curtain wall over 11 floors (2nd-12th floor)

Facts and figures:

  • 1'144 window elements with special profiles and 6'845 m2 glued switchable SageGlass
  • Construction time: 2018
  • Building category: High-rise buildings, commercial buildings
  • Client: Lib AG, Wallisellen
  • Facade planner: GKP Fassadentechnik AG, Aadorf
  • Project Manager: Daniel Markwalder, Krapf AG
  • Architect: Ramseier & Associates Ltd. Zurich
  • Construction Management: Gross Generalunternehmung, Zürich

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