New: 3-D planning tool for architects and planners


Freedom of design for individual sliding window and facade systems

In cooperation with IDC AG, air-lux, the Swiss manufacturer of premium sliding windows, has created a databank with three-dimensional construction elements which can be used with ArchiCAD. By incorporating the 3D elements in the Building Information Model (BIM), architects can now include the air-lux window-facade system at an early stage in the project planning. Structural data, such as the maximum pane size or opening variations, can easily be taken into consideration with the help of these library elements.

The intuitive configuration dialogues give architects direct access to the individual air-lux surface catalogues and exclusive materials. Hence, the desired surfaces in aluminium, wood or bronze can already be realistically shown to the client at the visualisation phase of a project and changes can be quickly made as necessary. The 3D elements can be downloaded free of charge on the following platforms:

The 3-D planning tool is an automatic derivation of the information model: all plans, sections and details are generated automatically and are continually updated. Through this central Building Information Model (BIM), architects and other planners can share knowledge resources, exchange data, check the building for inconsistencies, recognise problems and work together more smoothly and efficiently.

All BIM objects in the BIM object catalogue are based on real products. These digital objects are recorded with various 2D and 3D presentation forms with the appropriate product data and characteristics. The elements are available for download in the conventional ArchiCAD format.

If you would like to know more about our products and services, please contact us. We will be happy to provide more detailed information. 

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