New production hall


air-lux is investing in the future

air-lux is reaffirming its focus on Swiss production; passion, the joy of craftsmanship and in-house production are the embodiment of Swiss Made and guarantee outstanding quality from the consultation phase to the finished product. That is why Heinz Sauter, owner and CEO of Krapf AG and Air-Lux Technik AG, is continuing to invest in the Engelburg location near St. Gallen.

With the new hall, we have expanded the production space for façade construction and the manufacture of frameless air-lux sliding casement windows to 3,000 m2. With its stainless steel and steel production facilities, Krapf AG now has a total manufacturing area of 5,000 m2.

The new, expanded production hall enables leaner operational processes, simpler handling of goods and more open space. Together with the large cranes and additional CNC processing centres, we have created the optimal working environment for the future.

International demand

The most important chapter in Krapf AG’s company history is closely associated with the brand name air-lux. air-lux was developed in 2004 and is a patented sliding window system with a pneumatic seal. With its numerous advantages, the air-lux system quickly conquered the façade and window market. Our products and applications are now available both domestically and abroad – in collaboration with our sales partners in Germany, Russia, the UK, China and the US. In addition to the air-lux sliding window system, façade construction also plays a major role in the success of our company. Although steel and stainless steel were the focus in the company’s early days, now up to 90% of our façades are made from aluminium.

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