• Lokstadt «Elefant», Winterthur

    Im neuen, urbanen Stadtteil Lokstadt in Winterthur hat die Krapf AG einen Grossauftrag für das innovative Bürogebäude «Elefant» an Land gezogen. In kürzester Zeit werden 301 Fassadenelemente aus Aluminium und Glas sowie 190 Klinker Preton-Elemente hergestellt und montiert.

  • Nietturm Zürich: We open the window to our innovations

    The rivet tower which is part of the historic "Schiffbau" in the Zurich Escher-Wyss area is being renovated. The Krapf AG installs 20 individually manufactured air-lux descending windows and 170 pieces of electrochromic glass that tints automatically. On the one hand, this massively improves the room climate and on the other hand, it reduces energy consumption.

  • Intelligentes Gebäude hinter intelligentem Glas

    Das Technologieunternehmen Bühler hat am Standort Uzwil 50 Millionen Franken in einen Innovation Campus für nachhaltige Forschung und Entwicklung investiert. Mit der raumhoch verglasten Fassade der Krapf AG repräsentiert der zweigeschossige Stahlskelettbau «Cubic» den Geist für Innovation und Hightech.

  • "Come together" - Major order for the Krapf AG

    The Krapf AG produces, supplies and installs approx. 2000 windows for the new buildings of the Cantonal Hospital St. Gallen and the Eastern Switzerland Children's Hospital - an order worth CHF 10 million. We are pleased to use our expertise in façade-, glass- and metal construction in our region.

  • Glatt Tower Renovation

    After 40 years a new face for the Landmark Building. The revolutionary building envelope with switchable glass is a step into the future.

  • "CUBIC" Innovation Campus Bühler Group

    The technology company Buhler is investing CHF 50 million in an Innovation Campus for sustainable research and development at its Uzwil, Switzerland site. A state-of-the-art three-level coworking space with a dynamic high-tech facade to promote innovative products and services for a better future for future generations.

  • Footbridge at Paraplegic Centre in Nottwil finished

    Architecture and craftsmanship – the elegant footbridge has been completed.

  • Grenzstrasse Winterthur, development of rear courtyard

    The four-storey building has been erected on a limited plot in the Winterthur neighbourhood of Töss. Its slim construction creates a sense of height – a flexible residential tower for inexpensive apartments.

  • [Translate to english:] An die Bauherrschaft übergeben

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  • Handed over to the builder

    Every project has its own story. Discover more about our current projects in this blog post.

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