Everything from one source

Thoroughly planned and perfectly implemented

We use all of our expert knowledge in metal construction and glass façades to deliver solid, high-quality solutions, working together with architects, façade planners, general contractors and building owners.

1. Consultation

Competent consultation is the starting point of any successful construction project

Whether you come to us with a simple project or a visionary idea, we will respond to your individual requirements and support your plans with all our knowledge and experience. In order to ensure planning security, we also determine reliable cost estimates early on for your projects.

2. Planning

Support right from the planning phase

As a reliable project planner with years of experience, we provide our expert knowledge of specialist constructions, materials, statics and structural physics requirements from as early as the planning phase. This allows us to work together to develop and implement designs that are perfectly optimised for production and assembly, and which impress through their aesthetics and construction.

3. Production

In-house production facility

Ambitious metal structures, in particular with glass, demand a high degree of production precision. Thanks to our highly trained and experienced staff, high-performance machinery and efficient infrastructure, we guarantee top-class quality in façade and metal construction work.

4. Assembly

As a full-service provider, we ensure professional on-site assembly

Careful, on-schedule assembly of the pre-manufactured parts on the construction site is our trademark. The professional coordination and communication with the tradesmen involved is just as important as the quality of our own work. Only when everyone on site works with the required level of care can the skill of each individual shine through.

5. Service

Comprehensive services for value retention and client satisfaction

We place value on a complete service and fully satisfied clients. This is why Krapf AG continues to be a reliable contact partner after your project has been completed and commissioned. Spare parts supply, the repair and maintenance of components to retain function and value, along with additional services, all belong to our impressive service provision.

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