Special constructions

Innovative designs
and brilliant results

When architects look for new aesthetic and functional expressions, innovative solutions are required, as well as reliable partners who can think for themselves.

Complex planning and innovative designs can only be turned into impressive results with specialist knowledge and first-class craftsmanship. We live for innovation and sustainability, and guarantee quality and responsibility, doing our part to ensure extraordinary success for extraordinary projects. We are never happy with just "good". We want to do everything possible to continuously improve our performance.

Always ready for exciting projects

We gladly accept challenges and dedicate ourselves to mastering them. This keeps us curious, fit, efficient and ready for anything. We are always ready to deliver high-quality results for new and exciting designs and projects.

Special construction services

  • Visual / mock-up
  • Transparent components
  • Round windows, hinged windows, box-type windows
  • air-lux sunken windows, curved sliding windows, inclined sliding windows

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