Our ambition

Client focus

Krapf AG is a full-service provider. This means that: we focus entirely on the client and his needs, from the first contact to the moment we hand over the completed building. We use all our expert knowledge in metal construction and glass façades to meet and exceed the expectations of our clients. This ambition characterises our cooperation with architects, façade planners, general contractors and building owners.

Krapf AG thinks with you

By choosing Krapf AG for your project, you can be sure that you'll have a partner who listens pro-actively - in every phase of the project. We approach all clients on equal terms and with fairness and respect, and communicate openly, honestly and directly. We also believe that the creation of trust means handling resources such as money, time and material in a responsible manner. We regard our suppliers as partners who share our views and support us in implementing our projects, ensuring that the client always receives the best solution.

Krapf AG loves a challenge

We know our business and are proud of our ability. We love a challenge, as this gives us the opportunity to show what we are capable of. The people who work at Krapf AG are well educated, motivated and always up to date. Our staff are our most important resource, which is why we actively promote health and work safety in every part of our business, as well as complying with legal provisions and industrial law regulations at all times.

Krapf AG takes responsibility

As a business, we have one responsibility towards our clients, our employees and society: to think long-term and act in a sustainable way. We work with a global perspective, keep our eye on the market, invest in new technology and promote the continued development of our employees. Supporting and training our apprentices is of central importance to us, because, as future professionals, it will be their job to ensure the quality of our company and our work in the future.

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