Expert know-how from the
consultation to the assembly

From the consultation and planning up to the production, assembly and service: the 80 employees of Krapf AG ensure solid, excellent solutions in top Swiss quality. Are you planning a project, would like an offer or do you have a question about us and our services? Here are your contact partners at Krapf AG:


Krapf AG's 80 employees ensure top Swiss quality for every project, from the consulting phase through to installation.

Lukas Knechtle


Roman Buechler

Head of International Market / MoB

Daniel Markwalder

Team Leader / MoB

Thomas Bechtiger

Head of Production / MoB

Patrick Senteler

Team Leader / MoB

Roy Aggeler

Area Sales Manager

Markus Frei

Project Manager

Luca Heller

Project Manager / IT Support

Marc Gämperle

Project Manager

Raphael Bolliger

Project Manager

Daniel Kneubühl

Project Manager

Flavio De Martin

Project Manager

Patrick Keller

Patrick Keller

Manager of International Market/ Supervisor

Othmar Eberle

Key Account Manager

Denis Zepackic

Calculator air-lux

Gjoke Ndue


David Holenstein

Manager After Sales Service

Dominic Bechtiger

After Sales Service

Melanie Costantini

Marketing Assistance

Maximilian Schwarz

Development & Construction

Matthias Gächter

Development & Construction

Yvonne Frei

Human Resources

Jeanine Vogel


Nicole Forster


Nadine Hauser


Sujathas Mathiyaparanam

Sujathas Mathiyaparanam

Head of Façade Construction

Dario Lenherr

Head of the Metal Construction

Roman Thürlemann

Assembly / logistics preparation

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