Well-thought-out solutions since 1964

For more than 50 years, Krapf AG has stood for skill and expertise in metal and façade construction.


Company founded by Gebhard Krapf, two employees


Company handover to Heinz Sauter


ISO certification "ISO Norm 9001"


Krapf AG opens new office building and expands production capacity


Krapf AG employs 30 people


Krapf AG develops the air-lux sliding windows system

air-lux is a glass façade system that sits flush with the floor and ceiling and features large-surface windows up to 18m2 and a unique sealing method. With air-lux, Krapf AG offers architects, façade planners and building owners a versatile window façade system that is as architecturally and aesthetically appealing as it is structurally sound.


Major façade construction project in the Waldheimerstrasse housing development in Zug


Production area expanded by 1500 metres


Krapf AG registers air-lux as an international trademark


Major façade construction project at Zollikerberg hospital


Swiss patent granted for air-lux

Minergie module for air-lux sliding windows and tilt-and-turn windows


High-rise façade for University of Applied Sciences St Gallen

The extremely high structural, static and functional requirements for the window types and architecture required Krapf AG to develop a new solution specifically for this project. A total of 912 room-high box-type windows with ventilation sashes and two large skylights bring light into the studio rooms.


Krapf AG launches air-lux "connect", fusion of aluminium with wood or bronze

Major façade construction project in Paradiso apartment complex, Lugano


"air-lux connect" wins AIT Innovation Prize Bau 2013 in Munich


High-rise façade with air-lux on the Baarerstrasse in Zug

The first high-rise residential building in Switzerland to use a sliding casement façade. Krapf AG creates a façade solution using a combined glass and natural stone façade including external shading. Height: 56 metres. 18 floors fitted with 136 horizontal, pneumatically-sealed sliding air-lux windows.


High-rise façade with air-lux, One-One, Cham

First project in China


US patent granted for air-lux


air-lux sliding windows as a special solution

Zurich area: 350 automatic air-lux sliding casement windows installed in the exposed concrete façade (picture frames). Innovative and urban multi-use of a 12-storey, 40-metre high-rise building. Customised architectural and technical design developed by Krapf AG for the architects and builders.

European patent granted for air-lux

air-lux brand registered with China Trademark Office (TMO)

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